Our process starts from fine selection of our raw ingredients, which are then transported to a clean and controlled processing environment. Here, our ingredients are manually processed to filter out defects, before they are machine sliced to ensure consistency. Our crunches then undergo vacuum frying, where it is a specialised method of frying that takes place under reduced atmospheric pressure conditions as opposed to traditional frying under normal atmospheric pressure. This environment allows frying to occur at much lower temperatures, resulting in several benefits, including lower oil absorption, reduced decomposition of oil (which significantly decreases the formation of carcinogens), and the preservation of naturally occurring nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants found in fruits.

Imagine Frying in a Different World!

Vacuum frying takes your favourite snacks to a whole new level. Instead of sizzling away in a typical deep fryer, our snacks are cooked in a specially designed chamber where the air pressure is lower than normal, just like at higher altitudes and control temperature.

Less Oil, More Goodness

What makes vacuum frying stand out is that it uses much less oil compared to traditional frying methods. This means that our snacks have less oil content while preserving the flavours and natural goodness of the ingredients. Out from the fryer, our crunches are rigorously drained of all excess oil before being packaged.


A Healthier Crunch, A Healthier You!

One of the remarkable things about vacuum frying is how it is gentler on the ingredients  therefore maintains the vibrant colours and essential nutrients of the ingredients. Your snacks not only taste great but also look and feel as close to nature as possible. Also it results in a crunchier and healthier snack. 


A Little Slower, A Lot Better

Vacuum frying takes a bit more time than traditional frying, but we believe it’s worth the wait. It’s the secret behind the extraordinary taste and quality of Smol Delight snacks. So, when you enjoy a Smol Delight snack, know that it’s been through a unique journey of vacuum frying, preserving the best of nature’s flavours while keeping your health in mind.

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